Dolemite Is My Name – Eddie’s Back

When you make a inspirational biopic, it can be difficult to make the proceedings feel interesting. We have seen so many of the beats that we’ve become used to them. But Dolemite Is My Name benefits from its unique setting that lets it become an interesting and entertaining film. Taking on the real-life story of Rudy Ray Moore, it is able to bring out a heartfelt, funny look at the other side of Hollywood. As Dolemite himself says, more than money this is about connecting with people. As per his words, he wants to give something to the brothers and sisters that they like. This is beautifully shown in the scene where Dolemite and his friends go to a theater to see Billy Wilder’s The Front Page. They don’t see anything funny but the predominantly white audience finds it hilarious.

And therein lies the crux of Dolemite Is My Name. It doesn’t have to be work that is super successful and make you millions. It is about giving your people something to connect with and laugh at. At the center of the film is the fantastic performance by Dolemite himself Eddie Murphy. He does what we know he can do and is amazing at pulling off the wackier moments as well as the more somber ones. Many described this as a comeback for Eddie and if he’s going to do films like this, then it is a welcome move. He is supported by a wonderful cast that includes standout performances from Wesley Snipes and Da’Vine Joy Randolph. If anything, I hope that Dolemite Is My Name sparks interest in the Blaxploitation genre again.


Dolemite stands for not giving up when others tell you what you can’t do. The way this is presented is different, the setting makes it fun and informative to people who might not know much about these kind of films. And it is also proof that Eddie in a R-rated film is a different actor. He is released from the shackles of keeping things PG. His personality really comes out in the way he delivers his lines. This is what made people fall in love with his stand-up in the first place.

It would have been interesting nice to see how Dolemite Is My Name would have been received with a theatrical release. But with a platform like Netflix, Dolemite might be able to do what he always wanted. He will be able to connect with people. One aspect of the film I really liked was that Eddie and the script don’t let Dolemite become too self-serious. A good example of this would be the sex scene that is shot for the first Dolemite film. Though it is supposed to be tender, he realizes that it is better off if it is made funny. The story work because it is about a man who succeeded by making himself the butt of jokes. In his own way, Dolemite is an inspiration to look up to. And to quote the man himself:

“Dolemite is my name, and fuckin’ up motherfuckers is my game!” There’s no better way to describe him and the film.

Until next time, bye.


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