Kaithi – A Thrill Ride

The feeling you have when the first half of Kaithi ends is one of wonder. I sat in the theater amazed at how well this film was constructed and executed. I had the same feeling at the end of the film. Writing a good story is one part but bringing it onto the screen is another matter altogether. This is where director Lokesh Kanagaraj shines as he is able to bring all the different elements and characters in an organic manner. Despite being in the framework of a commercial film, Kaithi never loses sight of its story. And that is perhaps the biggest compliment I can give this film. Lokesh who made his debut with the equally amazing Maanagaram shows that he is a director to be excited about.

You can sense his cinematic strengths when he is staging his action scenes or the way he throws in comedy every now and then. It is visible in how tightly packed the story is and for that, we are ready to overlook a couple of the more obvious commercial elements. And with Kaithi you are getting a film without a female lead or songs. This is quite unusual for Indian cinema in general and it is refreshing to see Lokesh employ this. He also realizes the star power of the actor he has in Karthi. This pays off wonderfully when we get a goosebumps inducing ‘mass’ moment involving a Gatling gun.


The background score by Sam CS does its job without feeling overpowering. If there are technical areas that shine in Kaithi, it is the camera and editing handled by Sathyan Sooryan and Philomin Raj respectively. The former does an incredible job of showing the different landscapes our hero goes through. Whether it is a quarry or a forest, all of them are shown in the dark but you never lose sight of the people in the frame. The editing keeps track of multiple locations and characters but makes sure that the film is riveting.

Kaithi works on multiple levels. It is a film with pulsating action scenes yet it has a strong emotional undercurrent. It works as an odd couple film where a criminal and a policeman come together. And finally, it works as a testament to the fact that if you trust the script, magic can happen. You really need to congratulate Karthi and Lokesh for doing this. One aspect about the writing that impressed me was the way the ‘bad guys’ were written. From the outset it looks they are one-dimensional but they are made interesting. Other characters such as the constable and civilians in the police station get their own moment to shine. A film like Kaithi is a showcase for what Tamil cinema can be. Thrilling, touching and more than anything else entertaining.

Until next time, bye.

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