Rahman’s 10 Aces – Episode 7

The films listed in this series are in chronological order and do not reflect the quality of the soundtracks mentioned in this list.

10 Aces

Rang De Basanti is a beloved film for its story, performances and also the wonderful music given by AR Rahman. The film would have worked without the songs but having them made it feel more powerful. One of Rahman’s greatest gifts is to make the audience feel through his music. When this happens, we feel what the characters are going through. This can be seen in the sheer joy felt in the title track. The rebelliousness in Khalbhali and Paathshaala. The romance in Tu Bin Bataye and the longing felt over the loss of a loved one in Lukka Chuppi. Whatever the director wants us to feel, the maestro is there to do that and as a result of it, Rang De Basanti becomes an experience we cherish.

Until next time, bye.

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