Good Time – Brotherhood


If you are among the people that think that Robert Pattinson cannot act, this is the film that will change your mind.  From the minds of the Safdie Brothers comes Good Time and it is one hell of a crazy trip. It takes so many twists and turns that you cannot help but appreciate the way the story has been plotted. The film is chaos from the moment it starts and the way the events unfold is so organic. Nothing feels out of place and everything plausible.

It is heartening to see a crime film that pays so much attention to action and reaction. Many times you will see a script that has forgotten one key element or even worse, there are actions that don’t have consequences. Good Time is not like that, it focuses on what these characters do and what they get in return. My favorite part of Good Time is the humor that comes from the most unexpected of places. There’s a scene where Pattinson is getting intimate with a younger girl. The way it is constructed is so ingenious and funny, I burst out laughing and I hope you will too.


What makes Good Time special is the way it subverts our expectations. Getting into the specifics of this is going to rob you of the experience, so I will refrain from doing that. You expect B to happen after A but the Safdie Brothers aren’t interested in doing that. They want to give you something new and they deliver on that almost every single time. And all this craziness is anchored by Pattinson who is remarkable. His need to protect his brother, his want for money and the desperation that ensues are all captured immaculately by the actor.

You will be convinced that this man is ‘Connie’ and with each scene, memories of his Twilight years will start fading away. Another aspect of Good Time that makes it a cracking watch is the cinematography and editing. We are shown some grimy areas of New York but thanks to the work of Sean Price Williams they look gorgeous. The editing done by Ronald Bronstein & Benny Safdie gives the film a frenetic feel. Despite this, we never feel like we are out of the loop. There isn’t much wrong that I could find with Good Time but it might be an acquired taste for some. Not everyone is going to laugh at some of the dark humor here. But, if Good Time is to be seen, it is for the captivating central performance from R Pat. And if you give it a chance, you might end up having a good time (no pun intended).

Until next time, bye.