Rahman’s 10 Aces – Episode 1

The films listed in this series are in chronological order and do not reflect the quality of the soundtracks mentioned in this list.

10 Aces

The idea for this series: pick ten albums that reflect the genius that is AR Rahman. With 10 days left for his birthday, here are 10 of his best, in my opinion of course. We start with the one that began this legendary career. Roja was a phenomenal debut for the then 25 year old composer. He produced a landmark soundtrack for a landmark film. We got glimpses of the man’s mastery of melody; his ability to create magic with the simplest tunes was and is a joy to listen to. The visuals and the music combine to bring out the feelings of innocence, love, longing and patriotism in an unforgettable manner. The best part about all this was that Roja was just a hint of what was to come. And for that, we are so happy and thankful.

Until next time, bye.