The Hangout Series #2

The Hangout Series

One of the genres that would fall under the hangout category, is the one about college students. Kirik Party which came out two years ago is about friends from an engineering college in Hassan, Karnataka. But their antics and interactions are so relatable that anyone will instantly connect with what is going on. Though the film is about a group of people, the primary focus is on the character of Karna played by Rakshit Shetty. His performance is at times endearing, funny and most of all, authentic.

The rest of his friends add to the feeling of authenticity. We believe that these people have been buddies for a long time and that chemistry is visible. It doesn’t matter whether you are an engineering or arts student, you will see flashbacks of your college life. And if you are someone who is yet to go to college, you will still find a lot to like and talk about.


A special mention has to be made of the two female leads played by Rashmika Mandanna and Samyuktha Hegde. The former is more of the quiet type and the girl the entire college is after. The latter is a bundle of energy that has eyes for only one man. They are written with depth that gives them more dimensions. This makes them feel like a person rather than a character. You may be able to see similarities between this and other films of this ilk but that is what makes it special. Even if we have an emotional scene, there will be a hilarious one coming right up. This balance makes the film a breeze to watch. If there is any flaw in the film, it is the length. But for most of the film, you will lose track of time. College is a time for learning academics as well as life and Kirik Party shows us some heart-warming lessons about the latter.

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