Virus – Turning Fear Into Hope

When you are making a film on a real-life tragedy, it can be a tricky task to pull off. On the one hand you want to show what happened but there is a danger of dramatizing events too much. But without certain cinematic elements, the film would play out more like a documentary. What is remarkable in Virus is that Aashiq Abu and team are able to find that perfect balance. In a film that is filled with big names, there is no showing off that the actors do. They blend so seamlessly into the surroundings that you believe them as the characters.

The Nipah virus outbreak which took place in 2018 was a very tough time for the people of Kerala and seeing Virus gives people a sense of dread that must have gripped the state of Kerala. One of my favorite aspects of Malayalam cinema is that no one cares about their position as stars. Everyone wants to work for the script and that is their biggest strength.


It would not be fair to pick out one name that has performed well. When you have an entire cast that can pull off any kind of role, you are truly blessed. Another pillar of Virus is the technical aspects be it the editing, cinematography etc. A special mention has to be made about the music by Sushin Shyam.

A few people might complain about the length of the film but I was completely engrossed by what was happening on screen. Virus shows that when you have something as powerful as the Nipah virus, you do not have to be showy to get your point across. This is terrific execution of a wonderful script. Somehow through the magic of cinema, the makers are able to turn a situation of fear into hope.

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The Beauty Of Company

One of the best things about an Anjali Menon film is the way in which she is able to portray different relationships. This is is evident in all the films that she has written or directed. In Koode as well, we get to see a variety of people and the different relationships that they have. This is what the film focuses on and also, I feel that it comments on one of the worst feelings that a person can have: loneliness. None of us like to feel that way and it is always nice to have someone by our side. It does not matter if we haven’t spoken to them in years, all that matters is the here and now. The film also touches on the ways in which two people can drift apart not because of anyone’s choosing but as a result of circumstances. Koode is the kind of film that lingers after you have seen it. It will grow on you the more you think about it.


For me, just getting to see three of my favorite actors share the screen was enough to make me happy. The film is written in such a way that at no point, do you feel that the emotions are being forced. Though both Nazriya and Parvarthy did really well, the film belongs to Prithviraj. He is able to bring out every emotion of Joshua with an honesty that makes us look beyond the actor playing the role. Koode is not just a film that is beautiful to see but it feels beautiful as well. You start rooting for the characters as they tug at your heartstrings but make sure to leave a smile on your face. I don’t think this film should be compared to Anjali Menon’s earlier films but should be viewed for what it is. A visual poem to soothe the soul and be an antidote to all the harshness that may be around us.

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