Why I Didn’t Like It

One of the highest grossing films of the last year and also rather surprisingly critically acclaimed, IT became a film that was loved by pretty much everybody. My feelings toward the film were a little bit different. I didn’t dislike the film. To be honest, I very rarely if ever dislike a film. When it came to this film, the overriding feeling that I had was one of indifference. To explain this, I would like to give a little bit of context.


I was not familiar with the book written by Stephen King and not being a huge horror fan, I did not know too much about the film before its trailer was released. So the trailer dropped, and I see so many people posting about it on Facebook, Twitter etc. about how scary this film is and so naturally I get a little intrigued. I saw the trailer and I must admit, it spooked me. Having been really impressed with what I saw, me and a few friends made plans to go watch the film the day it released. I have always believed that it is a little unfair on the film to go in with a lot of expectations but sometimes, it just happens. The day arrived and me and my friends went to experience Pennywise.


Now, with the context given, I wanna talk about my experience of watching the film. Even though I said that I’m not a huge fan of horror, I’ve still been able to see quite a few films scary kind. This has allowed me to learn a little bit about the tropes of the genre. Despite this knowledge, I actually get scared in at least a couple of places in every horror film I see. This is mostly due to a jump scare. In the case of IT, not once was I scared watching the film. The film was gorgeously made, it really drew me into the story. But it wasn’t able to do what a horror film should: scare me. As the film was nearing its end, I was thinking to myself ‘so what?’

The reason I am writing this is because of how rare I feel this way when I watch a film. And this feeling of indifference was only compounded by how much other people were praising the film. I read some of the praise and wondered if I had seen the same film as these people. For the record, none of my friends were too impressed with the film either. Was it a case of different sensibilities or just a one-off experience. I do not have the answer. And perhaps my biggest gripe with the film was the fact that, Bev ended up with Bill rather than Ben. To me, the entire film felt like it was setting up a pairing of Bev and Ben throughout its run-time but at the end of the film, I felt a little cheated. This is because I was really rooting for Ben. But that’s the way it is sometimes, isn’t it ?

Until next time, bye.


A Case For Style Over Substance

It is one the great debates that anyone who likes cinema always has. We are talking of course about style and substance. You can be for or against one of them or if you are like me, you can like both these methods of film making. Style as a concept is pretty easy to explain but substance is a little more difficult to understand. This is primarily because, it is a subjective concept. It can mean different things to different people. Let’s look at one way in which the audience may try to define this. For this case, let’s look at character development and the actual plot.


So what is the plot of the 2000 film and is there any character development present ? The answer to the first question is that the plot revolves around a stolen diamond and venturing further into it would spoil it for those who haven’t seen the film. As for character development, since the film has a lot of characters to deal with, it is not possible to focus on the arc of a single character. This aspect of Guy Ritchie’s films is something that critics always like to point out. When its done well as in the case of Snatch, we don’t’ worry about the arcs at all. It becomes apparent when the film does not work as was the case with his latest release, King Arthur. Though I must admit I’m yet to see the film.

Since the film is all about style, let’s talk about that. Snatch has the distinctive Guy Ritchie flavor that was made famous by Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. It has many of the same actors to boot. For those who found the two films to be far too similar, all I have to say is that, I was able to enjoy both equally, because it was a case of more of a good thing for me. And there is so much to be said for the style that is employed. From the kind of cuts that are used to the choice of the soundtrack, I found the film to be quite immersive to be honest. Snatch was able to entertain me and not just in parts.


So, the case for style over substance can be very much made when said style is this impressive and entertaining as is the case here. If you feel that there is a lack of substance, Ritchie is ready to hit you with a dose of style that will compensate for whatever you may be perceive to be lacking. He is able to do this by making almost every character a memorable one. Despite the fact that there is a lot happening, we are still able to follow the plot and we’re not taken aback by the sudden appearance or in some cases disappearance of characters. All in all, what you are left with at the end of the film is a feeling of fun which is my of saying that this film is awesome.

Until next time, bye.