Connecting In An Unconnected World

There are films such as Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, where you see a part of yourself on screen. Sometimes you like what you see but more often than not, you end up questioning yourself. In many ways, today’s youth have the highest amount of confidence and at the same time have an unusually high level of self-doubt/self-hate. This dichotomy is expressed quite subtly in the film. You can see characters experiencing both ends of the spectrum. While this is certainly an angle I’d like to explore, I have to write something related to the title, don’t I ?


Relationships between human beings are endlessly fascinating. This is because of how diverse they happen to be and how much discussion that can be had about them. Take the relationship between Greg and Rachel, it is a bond that is forced to happen. But in the end it transforms into something beautiful. It goes against everything that Greg stands for i.e. not being noticed or in other words staying unconnected. In the film, Greg describes the various groups that exist in the school and it can be considered as a microcosm of the world. Despite more ways than ever before to connect with other people, our herd mentality is still quite strong. We still like to be in small circles and make real connections with few people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as these connections happen very rarely and hence it’s not possible for it to happen with many people.


But what makes the film stand out is the way in which Greg and Rachel’s relationship develops over time. The film doesn’t forget Greg’s flaws just because he’s found a friend in Rachel. It shows how, what he considers to be a virtue can be a problem sometimes. You realize when watching the story unfold how self-hate can be harmful to you and to those you love. Being in a state of self-hate is an excruciating feeling. You don’t want to be around people yet you want to be with them. You end up sabotaging your own social life. I can attest to this as I have similar feelings that Greg has. Is the moral of the story to love ourselves ? I don’t know, but the world would certainly be a better place if we hated ourselves a little less. Was that in any way related to the title ? You tell me.

Until next time, bye.