Why Robert Pattinson Deserves A Chance

Whenever there is news about casting in a superhero film, the reaction is varied and this is true of even the most celebrated casting decisions. Today, we absolutely cannot see anyone as the Joker apart from Heath Ledger but when he was cast, there was a lot of negative reaction. Now, there are reports that Robert Pattinson is in talks to take on the role of the Caped Crusader. The actor who is most commonly associated with the Twilight franchise is being thought of as the wrong choice by many. What I would like to do is offer a defense for the actor and give reasons as to why you should give him a chance.

To begin with, calling him the ‘Twilight dude’ is a disservice to all the stellar work that he has done this decade. Sure, his performance as Edward in those films will not make much of a impression on you but since then, he has transformed his career. By focusing on Indie films and working with strong scripts, he has shown how good an actor he is. He has worked with some of the best directors including David Cronenberg, Claire Denis and Werner Herzog. Those three alone present an enviable lineup to actors all over and Pattinson has been able to do that.


The variety in his work has been astonishing to see and even I was skeptical of it at first. But over a period of around 8 years, he has shown that he is a tremendous performer who especially excels at roles that require intensity. In fact, given how much the actor himself dislikes the Twilight films, I was surprised to see him being linked to another franchise. But if I’ve learnt anything from his recent work, it is that he believes in the director and the story. And if this is where Matt Reeves has won him over, then we are in for a treat. There is still a chance that Pattinson will not be Batman but using his ‘Twilight’ work to criticize him is just shortsighted. And as films like Good Time have shown us, R Pat can act.

Until next time, bye.