15 Great Movie Friendships Of 2019

NOTE: This list only has films that I have seen in 2019. Apologies if a particular film isn’t on this list.

Instead of writing a review, I thought of doing something a little different this time. So, today I’d like to celebrate friendship and showcase some of the best from the year gone by. The following list is in chronological order. Let’s begin

Billi & Nai Nai – The Farewell

Lulu Wang’s touching portrayal of a family dealing with illness finds its soul in these two.

Jimmie & Montgomery – The Last Black Man In San Francisco

A story about identity finds itself held together with two different kinds of people who nonetheless care for each other.

Michael & Andy – Paddleton

This low-key film shows us that true friendships sometimes means just being there for the other person.

The Brothers – Kumbalangi Nights

They might be at each other’s throats but when the time comes, they’ll have the other person’s back.

MC Sher & Murad – Gully Boy

There is a strong case for having Moeen and Murad here but MC Sher’s guidance and friendship is what transforms Murad into Gully Boy.

Zak & Tyler – The Peanut Butter Falcon

This is simply one of the sweetest friendships I’ve seen in a long time, it is the definition of feel-good.

Amy & Molly – Booksmart

A hilarious coming-of-age film that beautifully showcases the bond between these two and gives us memorable moments to boot.

The Bean Bag Boys – Good Boys

This is pretty much Superbad for a new generation but the adventures these three get to, is going to be the among the funniest you have seen in a long time.

Rick & Cliff – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood…

Rick Dalton’s career may be going up and down but he’ll always Cliff Booth by his side.

Ephraim & Thomas – The Lighthouse

Through the film, they move away from being friends but for a brief period, they are the merriest of buddies and that is a joy to behold.

Carroll & Ken – Ford v. Ferrari

The two men push each other to reach greater heights giving us some exhilarating and touching moments.

Losers Gang – Chhichhore

The losers teach us a valuable lesson that life is not just about winning, there is more to it.

Destiny & Ramona – Hustlers

From being a mentor to a friend, these two go through the whole roller-coaster of emotions and take us along for the ride.

Frank & Jimmy – The Irishman

This has to be the most unexpectedly touching friendship from last year as we see these men grow from strangers to BFFs.

Schofield & Blake – 1917

When it comes to friendship we do certain things even if they do not make sense, we just do them because we care.

Until next time, bye.

The Hangout Series #4 – Booksmart


There are certain kinds of films that we have seen over and over. The coming of age film would definitely fall under this category. So, how do you make a film that feels different even though it is using the same basic framework. If you are Booksmart, you come up with two memorable characters who share an absolutely incredible friendship. Directed by debutant Olivia Wilde with a script from Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel and Katie Silberman, Booksmart is a funny, realistic take on high school that will resonate with many. If last year we had Eighth Grade, this year belongs to the charm of Booksmart that gives us a friendship for the ages. You can write all the great characters you want but unless you have the actors to pull them off, it will not work.


This is where Booksmart gifted in that it has two outstanding young actors in Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. The chemistry between both of them is palpable and it feels very real and lived-in. This makes us root for them and we feel like we know them personally. Though we can predict what is going to happen within the framework of this kind of a film, the two leads keep it engaging and in many places it is truly hilarious. Watching Booksmart you are sure to be reminded of the greatest friendships from the cinematic world and that is a good thing. I would really like to see a sequel to this film where we catch up with the characters again. You just do not want to stop hanging out with these people and that is the highest praise that I can shower on the film. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, watching this film will give you something to connect with.

Until next time, bye.