Singin’ In The Rain – Time For Joy

Writing about cinema during a time like this seems almost wrong. With the spread of the Coronavirus, it might not the be right time to talk about this but life has to go on. And if you are among the sensible people staying at home, you might be wondering what to watch. While we have an excess of quality content, I’d like to turn your attention to a classic from decades gone by. Singin’ In The Rain is one of those films that just fills with you with joy. In many ways, it is the perfect kind of movie for these dark days.

To begin with, it has some insanely catchy songs with incredible dancing to go along with it. The story is one that seems relevant even today as we have someone trying to keep up with the changing times. How we adapt to change is an emotion that all of us can relate to. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynold and Donald O’Connor brings so much zest to their roles that their enthusiasm is contagious (pardon the usage).

This is one of the most iconic images in cinema and it comes in the middle of an equally iconic sequence. And in a way, it really captures the essence of Singin’ In The Rain. It is about finding that moment of joy that makes all the worries seem far away. A line in the titular song goes “I’m happy again” and that’s what all of us want in a time like this. I apologize for bringing this ‘review’ back to the current scenario but it is inescapable.

So, why did I write this? I myself don’t have an answer. But, I would like to implore you to give this film a chance. Will things become better by watching it? Probably not, but you will be filled with a little more happiness. Finding these brief moments of joy seems more important than ever before. That is what Singin’ In The Rain is capable of doing. Stay safe everybody and hopefully see you soon at the movies.

Until next time, bye.


  1. There’s more to our lives today than just a virus. And the “Good Morning” dance sequence is out of this world.


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