Revisiting Justice League

What more can be said about a film that has been discussed to death? Well, I finally gave in and saw it again and here are my thoughts. A lot of what I have to say is something that you probably would have already heard of but give me a chance. First let’s begin with the facts, Justice League was one of the widely anticipated superhero films purely because we were getting to see our favorite characters on screen. Now, by the time the film came out, the numerous production issues dampened the excitement by quite a margin. I’d like to talk about the film itself and not about what happened behind the scenes.

The first thing that should have been changed in my opinion is the release date. It came far too early in the DCEU. Wonder Woman came out and that did really well so DC and Warner Bros. would have probably felt that they could ride on the success of that film. But the problem is that DC didn’t take enough time to flesh out their characters. Yes, we know who Aquaman and Flash are, but we have not seen them as separate entities. I don’t know if this can be classified as poor planning but it does feel that way. This is one area where Marvel have shown the way with the meticulous planning of their universe. Now, the problem with that is the films can feel a little formulaic but at least a connection gets established.


DC films and their planning feels a little more chaotic and that does add to the excitement because you don’t know what kind of film you will be getting. They can come out with something underwhelming like Suicide Squad and also pull off something as incredible as Joker. Things seem to be looking up now with the smashing success of Aquaman and Joker with a slate of promising films in development. But the sting of Justice League‘s loss will continue to sting DC for a long time. Talking about the tone of the film and the Snyder/Whedon problem is redundant at this point. In hindsight they probably would have gone with a more consistent tone but the film just feels a little meh.

And with any film that gets picked apart this much you come to realize that there is a middle road to be found. Is the film as bad as some people say? Not at all. This is a mostly fun experience that does feel a little too long. This is in spite of it being less than 2 hours. Planning would have been very handy here. If you had taken the time to set up all these characters, you could have immediately gotten into the conflict of Justice League. Instead we get a film that is both establishing plot points, characters and trying to move the story forward. Warner Bros. were asking too much of Justice League, wanting it to be too many things. In a way, it is a good thing that this kind of loss happened and it will serve as a lesson for the future. Hopefully the next time we see these characters together, the experience is as awesome as we imagined it would be. I might not have added anything new to the debate but this is something I needed to say.

Until next time, bye.

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