Jiivi – An Intriguing Concept

After I finished watching Jiivi, I was wondering how I could describe this film. At that moment, I happened to find Baradwaj Rangan’s review of the film and he summed it up better than I ever could. Mr. Rangan said:

‘This is a film you admire more for what it wants to be than what it is. The fabulous conceit needed equally fabulous film making.’

To be honest, there is no other way to look at this film. It has a cracking concept that should have been presented in a better fashion. I don’t want to use the term amateurish because that takes away from the craft of the people involved. But I couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was a better film hidden inside Jiivi.

But to the film’s credit, there is more thought put into the screenplay than most Tamil films even think of doing. The script by Babu Tamizh is able to tie up all the loose ends and by the end of the film, you can sit up and appreciate how they pulled it off.


As for the leading man Vetri, I am genuinely excited to see what film he does next. Both his films so far have felt like a breath of fresh air and it is encouraging to see young actors choose such scripts. Though the run time is much shorter than most films we see, the love portions in the beginning felt more like a hindrance to the flow of the screenplay.

The good news is that there is enough in Jiivi to keep you hooked. What starts of slowly keeps building and building. And finally it ends with a bang and its not one that you will have been expecting. V.J. Gopinath has come up with an intriguing film and I’m happy that the audience have lapped it up. We need to support such films and only then will cinema as a whole be more like the way we want it to be. Perhaps down the line, we will be getting the ‘equally fabulous filmmaking’ that Mr. Rangan mentioned.

Until next time, bye.

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