Game Over – Playing With The Audience


What do you make of a film that doesn’t explicitly tell you what its about. What if you happen to piece it together and it is open to multiple interpretations. We do not get many films like this is India so it was a pleasant surprise to see the way Game Over was constructed.

Directed by Ashwin Saravanan and starring Taapsee, this is a film that is hard to slot into any particular genre and that is the strength of Game Over. Every time you feel that it is going to end up one way, it swerves to become something else. This might not make the ‘general audience’ feel happy as this is not what they are used to. But even that argument does not hold much weight as I feel the people are more evolved than we give them credit for.


The film worked for me on every level and I feel that the beauty of it lies in the fact that a lot of it was not explained. By leaving certain plot points open to interpretation, the audience gets a more immersive experience than the one we are used to getting. What makes this feat all the more amazing is that they have managed to pack everything in about 100 minutes and that is truly special for Game Over.

Establishing an emotional connect with Taapsee’s character is vital for what will happen to her later on in the film. This ensures that the film works in whichever genre it wishes to operate in. There are so many ways to read this film that this post alone is not enough to ‘decode’ it. Game Over is one of the best experiences I’ve had in a theater this year. It is a film that keeps you guessing and thinking about all that is happening. The fact that a lot of it is left open to interpretation pushes it to the next level.

Until next time, bye.


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