Lucifer : Presenting A Film In All It’s Glory

By Mahima Nandakumar
Last night, every movie loving Malayali was at the peak of their excitement to catch the theatrical trailer of the Mohanlal starer Lucifer, directed by, probably the world’s most anticipated debut director, Prithviraj Sukumaran and written by Murali Gopi. This film had these waves of elation coming it’s way from the fans since the day the project was announced. And a project of this merit should receive nothing less than this. But Lucifer is special in another way too; be it the location stills, first look and character posters, teaser or trailer, there is a style in the presentation. Let’s look at how the makers of Lucifer have presented their project (please note, a movie that does not need to try hard at all to get it’s audience) in all it’s glory.
The film’s title is ‘LUCIFER’ and it’s sure that the moniker is associated to the protagonist, and that name itself conveys something about the characteristic of the hero. With the character posters that followed, the audience have become familiar with the actors and their roles even before the films release. The film has an illustrious ensemble which adds up to the anticipation.
Lucifer’s trailer is cut in a very effective manner, you see the story universe, the other characters, a main event (PK Ramdas’s death), a conflicted situation and then the entry of the hero. Also here the “GOD” is taken out of the picture, so it’s “Lucifer” ‘s kingdom. As Stephen says, the war is between Evil and Evil. We are very specially told about the world this story is going to take place. And that’s the success of the trailer. Furthermore, the trailer contains the action and drama that will draw fans in.
Prithviraj Sukumaran is a superstar himself, he has a large fan base and his knowledge and taste in movies is often acknowledged and appreciated by fans and critics; Murali Gopi is arguably the best screenwriter in Malayalam cinema today, he writes screenplays that have substantial impact on the audiences, so when these two minds come together, they are expected to deliver a product of certain quality. With whatever content the team has put out, it is quite clear that the film has a classy look that’s coming from a place of fine craftsmanship.
In the trailer itself, notice the way Stephen Nedumpally is introduced, his importance in this space is made evident and then there are the classic Mohanlal frames like him folding the mundu and many action sequences. Stephen is an antihero, he is directly put under the Evil category and he confirms it himself. Mohanlal is presented as Lucifer and there has always been a strong impact when a star is introduced to the audience as the character, and especially as a character that can be celebrated.
The makers of Lucifer don’t play around with the film’s buzz, they are working on sustaining it and taking it higher. The film will hit the theaters in a week and, think about it, you know everything you need to know before paying for your ticket. That’s how you present a movie, especially one with a superstar, a line of great actors, a fantastic crew and another superstar helming it all. Lucifer should teach us a lesson or two in placing a mass structure in a substantial story.
Until next time, bye.

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  1. Every word is precious no single word seems to be extra.Wonderful presentation.


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