Soni – Less Is More

One of the first things that you will notice about the Netflix original Soni is the pace of the film. You might even mistake it for a documentary, for the slowness with which it progresses. This is something that we are not used to seeing in many Indian films.

The difference here is that the pace works well for the film. Right from the opening scene of Soni being harassed, we feel that we are seeing chapters from the lives of these two women. There isn’t any plot to speak of, as its more about the journey of the two characters.

Soni works because of how real the problems are. A lot of it has to do with them (the two leads) dealing with everyday problems. The problem here is that these situations have unfortunately become everyday. In a fantasy world, we would have seen the two policewomen fly and kick the problems away. But things work differently in reality.

Director Ivan Ayr makes an impression with his deft handling of a sensitive subject. At no point do we feel that he is being indulgent in any way. The beauty of the script is that you do not have to be from India to understand or empathize with what is happening.

Soni is also a commentary on the plight of women in India. In a broader context, it talks about how certain problems exist for women officers as well. This harsh reality really hits you in the face and it is not easy to stomach. What the film does really well is that it does not preach but just shows what’s happening.

It doesn’t show anyone as a villain but rather just puts forth the situations and the circumstances around it. If Netflix wants to gain a stronger foothold in the Indian market, investing in films such as this is a very good way to go about it. The performances of the two leading ladies is so natural that you might forget that they are playing a character. Soni is powerful because it shows the lack of power that arises at times and for that reason alone, it is compelling to watch.

Until next time, bye.


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