A Tribute To A Unique Star

There are many different genres of film that we know and if you are from India, you are sure to have come across this particular one. I do not know what exactly to call it so let’s call it a Superstar film. A film that is made with Rajnikanth as the lead has become a brand. The beauty of Petta is that it hits the bullseye as far as this genre is concerned.

People expect certain things to be given to them in a certain way. And it doesn’t matter that we know what is going to happen, we still enjoy it. You do not have to be a Rajni fan to to enjoy this film. But to understand it, you have to be one.

Karthik Subbaraj is one of the best directors we have working today and what a treat it is to see how well he has done here. What Karthik has done is only possible when you have a deep-rooted understanding of who and what the Superstar is. From the retro title card to the way he flicks a cigarette, everything is packaged with so much love.

Petta almost feels like a greatest hits collection at time. You are sitting in the movie hall astonished by what this man and only this man can do. I have seen films from all over the world but there is a certain kind of happiness that only Rajnikanth can provide.

For me, it is not really possible to write a review for this film as I consider it to be more of a pilgrimage than anything else. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that Rajnikanth holds a unique place in the world of cinema. Look across the movie world and you will not be able to find someone like him. An outsider who became a matinee idol and transformed into a demigod. We have examples of journeys like this, but no one has done it for so long and continue to grow as well.

In a career that is into its fourth decade, it is astonishing to see the pull he has over people. When other people do what he does, we just don’t buy it. I genuinely feel bad that I couldn’t see this film at home. I was sitting in a small theater in Ireland but I was getting goosebumps at regular intervals.

Rajni does what only Rajni can do. There may never be a star like him so we have to cherish what we have left. For those who may not have liked the film, all I can say is okay. I would like to finish by saying what Karthik Subbaraj and many fans have always said. “There was, there is and there will be only one Superstar.” From the bottom of my heart I would like to say a big thank you to the team of Petta.

Until next time, bye.


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