Rahman’s 10 Aces – Episode 10

The films listed in this series are in chronological order and do not reflect the quality of the soundtracks mentioned in this list.

10 Aces

The third collaboration between Imtiaz Ali and AR Rahman ended up producing what may be an underrated album. Compared to the reception that Rockstar and Highway got, it was a little less euphoric for Tamasha. But this doesn’t do justice to the magic of this soundtrack. There are 8 songs and 1 instrumental track and all of them are just brilliant. They complement the story as well as accentuate what happens. Whether it is the breezy feel of Matargashti or the devastating impact of Agar Tum Saath Ho, Rahman keeps making us feel things that we didn’t know were possible. We are lucky to be witnessing music of this quality so all I can say is thank you Mr. Rahman and happy birthday.

Until next time, bye.


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