Rahman’s 10 Aces – Episode 8

The films listed in this series are in chronological order and do not reflect the quality of the soundtracks mentioned in this list.

10 Aces

The first time Gautham Menon and AR Rahman got together, we got one of the best albums to come out this century. It is perfect for a romantic film such as Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. From the love at first sight in Hosanna to the growing intimacy in Omana Penne, Rahman is at the top of his game. These songs work on their own but the visuals make it even more memorable. A big reason for this is the staging and framing that Gautham Menon excels in. It is a film that made all of us wish we were in love and for that, I would like to thank the maestro for giving us songs that are evergreen, emotional and most of all excellent.

Until next time, bye.

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