A Comedy With Real People

I like films of all genres, whether it is sci-fi or a musical, it does not matter as long as the film engages me. One of my more preferred kind of films would be the indie comedy. A lot of these films are characterized by their low budgets, improvisational feel and relatable characters. It takes skill to make any kind of film but for this kind, you need to be careful when scripting, because you are showing the audience people they might know and relate to. This requires that the situations be grounded and the film to have a certain amount of drama as well. Let’s face it, none of us lead lives that is free of drama. All of this is just my way of saying that Support The Girls does this, which makes the film enjoyable and affecting, to me at least. This is the not the kind of film that will draw big numbers at the box-office but hopefully, it will have a small following.


Regina Hall is undoubtedly the standout actor in the film. She makes us root for her and at the end, we are left hoping that she pulls through all that she’s going through. She is ably supported by the other Girls who give the characters life as it doesn’t really feel like they are acting. The true triumph of the film is that it deals with a lot of heavy topics but never loses sight of the humor. This is due to the controlled writing by director Andrew Bujalski. What amazes me is the fact that a story that is only about America is made in such a way that it feels so relatable to a viewer far far away. In a way, films are more proof of the fact that we are more alike than we think. So, I would like to end this by saying that it is okay if you didn’t catch the film in theaters (I didn’t either), you can still Support The Girls.

Until next time, bye.

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