A Magnum Opus

It is well known that director Vetrimaaran has wanted to say this story for a long time. So, the movie does come with a lot of expectations and it is safe to say that it has exceeded what it had promised. We have seen a lot of gangster films in Tamil cinema but what makes Vada Chennai special, is the authenticity of the setting and the focus on plot and characters. Where we might traditionally get a protagonist who will get many ‘mass’ scenes, what we see is that he is just another cog in the wheel. This helps elevate the film and makes it resonate with the audience. Vetrimaaran shows how good a director and writer he is with the way weaves together the various arcs of the film. Though we know how the story is going to take place, the impact of those moments is never lessened. A major reason for that is the incredible background music of Santhosh Narayanan. It is a shame that we didn’t get full versions of his songs as they were top notch as well.


As far as the actors are concerned, we have come to expect excellence from Dhanush, Andrea and Aishwarya Rajesh among others. But the real surprise is director Ameer who plays a crucial role. Not only does he get arguably the most crowd-pleasing scene in the film, I was taken aback by how well he had inhabited his role. Until we get see the whole story of Vada Chennai it is a little hard to make up our minds but the bar has been set very high. If the second and third part manage to match up to the intensity and intrigue of the first, we will have a trilogy for the ages. Tamil cinema has been having an amazing past couple of months so the only thing I have to say to the filmmakers and the crew is thank you.

Until next time, bye.

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