The Florida Project And The Oscars

Every year, fans from all over the world wait with bated breath to see if the film they liked has been nominated for the Oscars. For many people, the Oscars don’t really matter as they are not considered the yardstick by which a film should be measured. Despite what opinion you might have regarding them, it is arguably the most prestigious and well-known film award out there. Just getting nominated for the Oscars is a source of pride. And given that there are only a limited number of spots available, every year we have many deserving films that don’t make the cut. One such film from this past year is, The Florida Project. It is without a doubt, one of the best films of 2017 and contains what could be the breakout performance of the year from Brooklynn Prince. To be fair, it wasn’t completely ignored by the Academy with Willem Dafoe getting a richly deserved nod for Best Supporting Actor. But in my opinion, this film deserved so much more.


Now this is just my opinion and yours may be entirely different and that is okay. While I wasn’t expecting the film to get The Shape Of Water level of recognition, I was expecting it to be nominated for 4 awards. Those four being: Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography. Let me explain why the film deserved to be nominated for these awards. The job of a DOP, especially in a film like this is to transport you to a place and make you feel part of it. Alexis Zabe does such a wonderful job of this that you end up feeling like you are actually present there. He also brings out the difference in the lives of the people and their surroundings. The environment is so colorful yet the lives they lead are quite dark. While the nominees in this category have done some astonishing work in 2017, I feel that Zabe should at least have been part of the conversation. On that note, if there any justice in the world left, Roger Deakins will finally get a long overdue Oscar. Please let Roger win.


As for the other two categories, Best Director for me was deserved because simply put, it was brilliant direction from Sean Baker. He is able to bring out so many different emotions from the actors and given that many of them were debutants, it makes this feat even more impressive. From the way he frames scenes, to his handling of the story, he takes you on a roller coaster of an emotional ride. Watching the film, one can experience the full spectrum of emotions. As for Supporting Actress, this was the most surprising omission for me. Yes the names who made the cut are all brilliant actors but Prince definitely deserved a nomination. It is one of the best performances of all time by a child actor. It is quite astonishing to see her act and after a point, it doesn’t seem like acting but more like she’s living the life of Mooney. The silver lining from all this is that, I am sure that all the names mentioned here will definitely get the recognition they deserve, one day. So until then, thank you for The Florida Project Mr. Baker and please continue to make more films.

Until next time, bye.

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